Top 10 Best Baby Bathtubs-Which Bath Tub Is Best For Baby

It seems very difficult for parents to bath their babies that are of one year of age or less than one year. Newborns are very difficult to handle and especially while bathing. Parents usually have a fear that they might fall them down or how they would handle them in the water as they show rapid movements in water and newborns have a very fragile head, neck, arms and legs. To make this experience easy for parents, bathtubs are available in the markets that are specifically designed for babies. These bathtubs have made a difference and they have made life very easy for the parents. 

There are Best Baby Bathtubs present having different colors, shapes, sizes and features that serve different advantages. Biggest advantage of using a bathtub is that parents can easily handle the fragile body of their little ones and babies also enjoy their bathing experience. Moreover, some bathtubs offer sitting positions that help children to sit properly. Bathtubs are not just for bathing, they also provide a fun time to babies. Infants or toddlers can play inside the tub by splashing water.

It would make them happy and they would enjoy it. Bathtubs have different features to make your life easy such as they have a water level indicator, temperature indicator or thermometer, slip-resistant surface, drain plug, fold able design, comfortable design and many more features. Due to fold able design, they are very easy to carry anywhere. If you want to make the bathing experience memorable for you and your child, these bathtubs are best. 

Enjoy Our 10 Best Baby Bathtubs List 2021

First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub

Baby bathtub is used for newborns to toddlers. It is beautifully designed with a comfortable sling inside that helps to hold the baby during bath. In order to provide extra comfort to newborns, mesh sling is also present. This sling which is present is easy to wash and you can wash it in machines and provide durability.

Anti-slip pads are also present that are mildew resistant and they prevent slipping of the tub. Your baby would have enough room to play while bathing and it would be a unique experience for them. 

» best baby bath tub

» from newborn to toddler

» ergonomic design

» easy clean

Skip Hop Moby Three-Stage Baby And Toddler Bath Tub

Blue colored unique bathtub is best to use for all three stages such as newborns, infants and toddlers and it is PVC free and phthalate free.. A mesh lining is present that provides huge support and is used for two other purposes as well. Firstly, it offers head-to-toe newborn cradling and secondly, its lower position helps in learning to sit.

Swivel hook is present for easy hanging on showerhead, shower bar or towel bar so that it can dry properly. Its interior is totally slip resistant and prevents slipping on the floor. Drain plug is also present for drainage of water. You can easily use this tub for babies that are one year of age or less. 

» Blue

» Three Stages

» Stage 2: Infant 3-6 Months

» Stage 3: Sitters 6+ Months

Boon Soak 3-Stage Bathtub

Boon soak bathtub is perfect to use for three stages that are newborns, infants and toddlers and is BPA and PVC free. An adjustable bump is present for positioning the baby and provides comfort. Color of the drain plug is changed with the change in temperature of water so that you can reach the ideal temperature for bath.

Stable and non resistant interior prevents slipping on the floor. Non-slip foam is present at the back and helps to hold the baby in place. This bathtub is suitable for babies of 18 months of age. 

» Blue/White

» fits in most double sinks

» Made without BPA

» Ages 0-18 months 

Summer Comfort Height Bath Tub

Unique bathtub has a raised center and it makes bathing experience very easy. An extra support is available for newborns to provide them comfort and you can place it in the sink as well.

To ensure a snug fit between tub and base, locking tabs are present. Sturdy platforms help the baby to rise at the parent’s level and later on it can be converted to kneeler level or step stool. It is 16 inches high, 28.5 inches wide and 17 inches deep so it can support toddlers up to two years. 

» Large tub size

» 16 inches 

» 28.5 inches

» 17 inches 

Beaba Ultra-Slim Folding Baby Bath

Thermoformed folding bathtub is made up with patented fabric which is non-slip, mildew resistant and ensures quick drying. This smooth fabric provides comfort to the baby in order to provide a soothing bath experience. Its fabric is very lightweight and you can easy fold it to increase storage.

In order to provide stability and avoid slipping, non-slip feet are present at the bottom. Because of its folding characteristic, you can easily carry it with you while traveling or going somewhere. 

» Luxury bath for baby with non-slip

» mold resistant fabric

» Ultra-Slim Folding Baby Bath

» Easy to clean

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

Inflatable duck tub is unique in its own way. When you put too hot water in it, its safety disc turns white helps you to maintain the temperature of the water. This is super soft and provides maximum comfort to your baby. It is foldable and very easy to carry while traveling.

Its textured surface is non-slip and prevents your baby from slipping and falling down. It is an ideal tub for babies that are between 6 to 24 months. 

» Ideal for babies between 6 to 24 months

» Great for travel deflates and folds easily

» Feeling Ducky

» Inflatable

Puj Tub – The Soft, Foldable Baby Bathtub

This soft, foldable bathtub is ideal to use for newborns, infants and toddlers. This is an in-sink baby bath, it means you can place it in the sink while bathing your baby. It is BPA and PVC free and is mold and mildew resistant.

It has such an ideal size that it can be placed in any standard size sink in your bathroom. Its interior is slip-resistant and prevents slipping your baby and your baby would enjoy his bathing experience. 

» Newborn, Infant

» 0-6 Months

» in-Sink Baby Bathtub

» BPA Free, PVC Free (Grey)

A portable bathtub having a flat folding design provides you ultimate convenience on the go. A temperature indicator is present that changes its color according to temperature and helps parents to maintain bath temperature for their little ones. Its base is slip-resistance and holds the baby at its place without any slipping.

Because of its lightweight material and foldable characteristics, parents can take it to anywhere while travelling. It is best for babies and children that have weight of 35lbs, so it would prove a best choice for you. 

» White Grey

» Portable

» Award-winning design

» No-slip base

OKBABY Wave Baby Bath – 2-in-1 Infant & Toddler Bathtub

Ergonomically designed bathtub provides proper support and best bathing experience to your little infants and toddlers. With proper support, it holds the baby at its place comfortably and due to its slip-resistant surface, it prevents little ones from slipping. Your baby would definitely enjoy the bathing experience and it would be easy for you to handle them.

A microencapsulated liquid crystal thermometer is present which is very easy to read along with a water level indicator that gives you confidence that your baby is safe. With the help of a drain plug, water can easily drain from the bathtub and it is easy to dry. A shelf is also present that can be used to place toys to make your babies more happy and to give them a wonderful bathing experience. 

» Fits Inside Bath or Walk-in Shower

» with Built-in Digital Thermometer

» Integrated Safety

» Positioning Supports for Added Comfort

PRIMO EuroBath, Pearl White

This bathtub is BPA free, phthalate free and leads free and it is available for two bathing positions, first is the reclining position for infants and second is sitting position for toddlers. The whole tub provides support to the babies especially to their forearms and legs. It also features two extra compartments to place toys or accessories like soaps or shampoos in an organized way.

Water can easily be drained with the help of a drain plug and its plastic material is very easy to clean. Non-slip surface prevents your little ones from slipping and holding babies at their places. It measures 36″x21″x10″ and is used for babies that have ages between 0 to 24 months. 

» With 2 bathing positions

» 0-6 month infants are bathed in reclining position

» 6-24 month toddlers are bathed in sitting position

» Baby bath for ages 0 to 24 months with 2 bathing positions

Our Top Pick

Best Baby Bathtubs Buying Guide

  • Easy to clean and dry

Bathtub’s interior should be easy to clean and dry. Their surface should be scratch free so that you can clean them easily. Some extra slings that are present should be machine washable. In order to dry them, an extra handle should be present so that you can hang them easily on showerheads so that they can dry quickly. 

  • Slip-resistant surface

As your babies are supposed to bath inside the bathtub, their surface should be slip-resistant so that your child can be prevented from slipping or falling down. It ensures the safety of your little ones. 

  • Comfortable sling

Some bathtubs offer an extra comfortable sling inside the bathtub which provides proper support for your newborns. It becomes easy for you to bath them and they would have a comfortable bathing experience. 

  • Extra compartments or shelves

It is better for you to buy bathtubs that feature extra shelves or compartments. You can place your baby’s toys on them or all accessories that you will need while bathing them such as soap, shampoo or oil. It would make the bathing experience very convenient for you. 

  • Foldable design 

Some bathtubs are very lightweight and they have folding designs. This feature is best for you because in this way, you can take them anywhere or take them with you while travelling. Moreover, you will not have any space issues while having this option. 

  • Temperature indicator or thermometer

By having a temperature indicator or thermometer, you can have an idea about the suitable water temperature. Temperature indicator changes its color with the change in temperature of water. If the water is too hot, you will get to know and you can add some cold water to maintain balance. It would prevent your little one from burning. 

  • Anti slip pads

In order to provide extra support and grip, bathtubs must have anti-slip pads at the bottom so that tub can be held at its place and ensure the safety of your child. 

  • Offer two positions 

Bathtubs that offer two positions are best for use. These two positions include reclining positions and sitting positions. Reclining position is for your infants of age of 6 months while sitting position is best for your toddlers of age of 12 months. Sitting position also helps your child in learning to sit properly. 

  • Drain plug

A drain plus must be present in the bathtub so that you can easily drain water from the tub and let it dry until you use it for next time. 

  • Water level indicator 

It is convenient for you to have a bathtub that offers a feature of a water level indicator. This indicator helps you in knowing how much water you should put in the tub and it avoids overfilling of water. 

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