10 Best Loved Bath Toys For Toddlers Buying Guide 2021

The biggest struggle for the parents is to bath their babies without facing any trouble. Toddlers usually do not like baths and it is the hardest task for the parents. In order to make their bath time really enjoyable and memorable, bath toys have been introduced in the market and parents buy these toys for their toddlers. Toddlers would love to take bath when they are being introduced with different toys at the same time. There are a variety of toys with different colors and different shapes and having different cartoon characters. These toys include boats, fish, penguins, ducks, monkeys, Disney toys and many more. 

Bath toys are not just for having fun and for playing, they also serve some other advantages. They engage your children in an activity and they help in their learning as well. They improve different skills of your baby such as motor skills, sensory skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills and many more. Some toys that have numbering on them help to improve your child’s counting and numbering skills when they arrange them in an order. Some toys have a string which is to be pulled in order to move them. Such toys improve hand-eye coordination of your little ones. Each toy serves some beneficial purpose as well. So it is recommended for parents to buy these toys so that your little one can learn in a unique and efficient way. 

10 Best Bath Toys For Toddlers 2021

1: Boon Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toys

A baby bath accessory that consists of nine bath toys of different colors and of jellyfish shaped. They are made without BPA. There are suction cups attached to them so that you can hang them on the wall for having bath time fun.

Instead of hanging on the wall, you can also place them in the bathtub. They are washable and you can easily clean them. They are good to use for babies that are above 12 months.

» Baby bath toy set

» 9 colorful jellyfish bath toys

» Ages 12 months and up 

» Made without BPA

2: Munchkin Float And Play Bubbles Bath Toy

A baby bubble bath toy in which two fun characters and two whirly toys are included. Whirly toys can easily spin and rattle and toddlers would love to play with them. There are texture rings that freely move around the bubble in order to give them an attractive look.

These bubbles easily float on the water and they are waterproof. Babies that are above four months of age would enjoy their bath time while playing with these bubbles.

» Includes two fun characters and two whirly toys

» Bubbles float in water

» 4 plus months

» 4 Count 

3: Green Toys Ferry Boat With Mini Cars Bathtub Toy

A ferry boat toy with two mini cars of different colors is the best toy for your toddler. This toy is made up of 100% recycled milk jug and without phthalate and BPA. Moreover, it is made in the USA. It is not just a bath tub toy, babies can also play with it wherever they want. It is best to develop fine motor skills in your toddlers.

It is waterproof and very easy to clean and you can also clean them in the dishwasher if you want. By having this toy at your home, your baby would enjoy their time and would not get bored. 

» Blue/White

» Made in the USA

» No BPA

» Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

4: Skip Hop Pull & Go Monkey Submarine

A zoo character is included in this toy in order to give it an attractive look for babies that are above 12 months of their age. In order to move this toy, all you need is to pull a string so that its propeller can be activated. You can develop good motor skills in your baby while it is floating or sinking in the water.

It is phthalate free and your baby would have a wonderful bath experience while playing with it. It is not only for bath, your babies can play with it anywhere inside or outside of your house. 

» Marshall Monkey Zoo Character

» Age 12 months plus

» Always use with adult supervision

» Never leave child unattended in the bath

5: Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

A beautifully colored penguin shaped bath toy floats on water and gives babies an enjoyable bath experience. It will swim while winding up its arms on water. Because it is very lightweight, babies can easily operate them with their little hands without any difficulty.

It is best to improve motor skills, audio-visual stimulation and hand-eye coordination of your little angel. Babies that are above the age of nine year would love to play with this attractive toy and make their bathing experience more amazing. 

» Blue

» Ages 9 and above months

» Lightweight and easy for little hands to operate

» Encourages imaginative play

6: Yookidoo Baby Bath Toy

Submarine spray whale toys help to give a sense of independence to your child when they play with it during their bath time. After submerging the submarine body underwater, a whale shower head is present at the top through which water is drawn and your baby would love to play with it.

It is very lightweight so that your baby can operate it easily with their little hands and your child can easily direct the water flow. A battery operated water circulation pump is also present that helps in recycling the bathtub water so that you do not waste water from the tap. It is designed for the children of age of 2-6 years.

» Submarine Spray Whale

» Battery Operated Water Pump

» with Easy to Grip Hand Shower

» Recommended for Ages 2-6

7: Fred KOI TOY Light-Up Bath Goldfish

Koi toy is a goldfish toy made up of plastic and it floats on the surface of water and it lights up after touching water. Due to its rainbow colors, it looks very attractive to the babies and it makes their bath time very fun and enjoyable. It measures 7 inches so that babies can easily hold it and operate it with their tiny hands.

A non-replaceable coin cell battery is present in it which lasts for almost 40 hours when it lights up. For safety, its battery and LED bulbs are sealed so that water cannot reach them. It works automatically by turning itself off when not in water. This is the best toy for bath time and it is an ideal gift for your loved ones. 

» 7″ long and is a convenient

» ideal size for kids hands of many ages

» plastic made

» glowing brilliantly

8: Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover Universal Fit

Skip hop moby is a best-selling whale toy for bath time. An adjustable strap is included in its design that fits efficiently on most tub spouts, and due to having a handy hook of its tail, you can easily hang it after baby’s bath. It is BPA free, phthalate free, Pvc free and it is very soft rubber that provides protection.

It is easily washable, you can wash it in the dishwasher and it is mold and mildew resistant. It is 6 inches long, 3 inches wide and 4.5 inches high, an ideal size for babies to hold and operate it.

» Blue

» Make bath time bump-free

» Fun for baby with the Moby faucet cover

» Dishwasher-safe

9: Munchkin Bath Toy, Little Boat Train

Boat train includes six boats that are linked together to form a train float easily on the surface of water. They give a very attractive look and babies enjoy their bath time while playing with them. Each boat has a funny face along with a number assigned to it such as 1, 2, 3 etc. It will help in counting, numbering and ordering and your babies would have an identification game that will improve their skills.

When these boats turn upside down, they scoop up water. Due to their lightweight feature, your babies can easily grasp them or operate them with their tiny hands. They are not just for fun but they will help to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination, ordering, counting and learning skills. 

» 6 Count

» Boats have funny faces and are numbered

» 1-2-3 for counting

» Eye Coordination

10: The First Years Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys

These different colored and different shaped Disney bath toys successfully engage your toddlers and make their bath time very enjoyable and fun. The whole pack contains three squirt toys that are Nemo, Dory and Turtle. Each toy has an ideal size so that your baby can easily grasp and operate it with their ting hands.

They are suitable for babies that have ages between 6 to 18 months. These toys will also help to improve your child’s motor movements, hand-eye coordination and help in learning. 

» Finding Nemo

» Colorful bath toys for toddlers

» Easy grip for little hands

» Ages 6 – 18 months

Our Top Pick

Best Bath Toys For Toddlers Buying Guide

  • Lightweight 

While choosing bath toys for your little ones, they should be lightweight so that your little ones can easily grasp and operate them easily with their little hands. Toys are for every age such as for an age of six months, if they are not lightweight, it would be difficult for them to play. 

  • Waterproof and washable

As babies are going to play with these toys while having bath, they must be waterproof and easily washable. Some toys can be washed in the dishwasher and they are best. 

  • Wind up toys

Wind up toys help to improve hand-eye coordination of your little ones. When toys wind up and swim in water, babies watch them and they help to improve their learning as well as coordination. 

  • Boats

Boats are considered as an effective toy for bath time. Reason behind it is that it improves the imaginative power of your little ones. When a boat floats on water, they imagine that it’s a real life scenario and the boat is floating in the sea. It enhances their imagination. 

  • Disney bath toys

Disney bath toys are best toys for your babies of age of 1 year or above and they are best-seller bath toys. If your babies watch Disney movies and they have some favorite characters, it would be best for your little ones to buy Disney toys in order to make their bath time really enjoyable. 

  • Helps in learning 

Bath toys are not just for having fun during bath time but they also improve the learning of your children. Toys that help to improve following skills are best to buy. 

  • Sensory skills

Objects like color recognition, shape recognition and object recognition fall under the category of sensory skills as this is the lowest level skill that a child develops. Toys help to improve the sensory skills of your little ones. 

  • Motor skills

Motor skills include basic movement skills of babies and how they grasp the toy in their hands show their development of motor skills. Toys that ensure efficient movement of the hands of your babies are best for them. 

  • Cognitive skills 

A child’s mental development is included in the cognitive skills and it is the highest form of development. Some toys involve numbering on them so they improve the counting skills of your babies and they arrange them in an order. 

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